About Elevation Advancements

About Our Company

Welcome to Elevation Advancements where training is innovated and safety is elevated! As a versatile service provider spanning various industries in the service sector, our mission is to provide real-world training and safety consultations to individuals and organizations that empower them to reach new heights of success. At Elevation Advancements, we firmly believe in the power of honesty and integrity. These values form the foundation of everything we do, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality services and solutions. We are committed to fostering a culture of transparency, trust, and professionalism in all our interactions.

Our commitment to training our students and ensuring they are ready for the market sets us apart from our competitors. We recognize that knowledge and skills act as catalysts for personal and professional growth, and by arming individuals with the necessary tools for excellence, we aim to propel progress and elevate individuals and organizations to their fullest potential. Our dedication extends beyond the boardroom. We harbor a profound passion for supporting the community that sustains us. Through various philanthropic endeavors, we actively contribute to causes that positively impact society. We firmly believe that by uplifting others, we collectively ascend, creating a better world for everyone.

Choose Elevation Advancements as your trusted resource, and witness the transformative power of our comprehensive training programs and expert safety consultation. Allow us to guide you through the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world, empowering you to push forward in your career. Together, let’s ascend to new heights of success, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals, organizations, and our community.

Our Training Facility

Our training facility is located in the heart of Buckhannon, WV at the intersection of Main Street and Spring Street, and embodies our commitment to providing exceptional real-world training and safety consultations. Conveniently located downtown, our facility is within walking distance of dozens of shops and restaurants. Our comprehensive training programs aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal and professional growth.

Specialized NCCCO Crane Training Courses & Certification Programs

Elevation Advancements certifies and equips you with tangible, applicable skills that elevate your capabilities and confidence in the industry. Crane Certification and Recertification programs are offered by Elevation Advancements.

Crane Certification program offered by Elevation Advancements

Crane Certification

Crane Recertification program offered by Elevation Advancements

Crane Recertification


Fiber Optic Training

Tower training certification program offered by Elevation Advancements

Tower Training

First aid / cpr / aed certification course

First Aid/CPR/AED

What Our Professional Students Are Saying!

Choosing Elevation Advancements for our team’s training needs was a game-changer. Their hands-on approach and industry-specific expertise not only enhanced our skills but also significantly improved our operational safety and efficiency.

Robert Mason


The CFOT course at Elevation Advancements was exactly what I needed to kickstart my career in fiber optics. The hands-on training and comprehensive curriculum gave me the skills and confidence to excel in the field. I highly recommend it!

Rickey Murphy

Fiber Technician