Tower Training

Tower Climbing Certification and Training Program at Elevation Advancements in Buckhannon, West Virginia

This course is designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and certifications needed to thrive in the telecommunications industry as a tower climber. Our comprehensive program covers a range of certifications vital for tower climbers. Through rigorous training, we ensure climbers are proficient in safe climbing techniques, equipment usage, hazard recognition, and emergency response procedures. Our focus on real-world application and hands-on experience prepares climbers to handle any challenge they may encounter while working at heights. We emphasize the importance of regular certification updates to stay aligned with industry standards and regulations. Join us at Elevation Advancements to elevate your career in tower climbing with confidence and competence.

Certifications You Can Receive:


Tower Climbing and Rescue Certification

This certification focuses on safe climbing techniques, equipment usage, and rescue procedures specific to telecommunications towers. It ensures climbers are trained to work at heights and can respond appropriately in case of emergencies.


RF (Radio Frequency) Safety Awareness Certification

This certification covers the basics of RF radiation hazards and safety measures for workers exposed to RF energy during telecommunications tower installation, maintenance, or repair.


First Aid/CPR Certification

Essential for responding to medical emergencies on-site, this certification ensures tower climbers are equipped to provide immediate medical assistance to themselves or their teammates if needed. Visit our First Aid/CPR/AED Course for more information.


Authorized Climber/Rescuer Certification from Tower Equipment Manufacturers

Some tower equipment manufacturers offer specialized training and certification programs for climbers and rescuers who use their specific equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards, and fall protection systems.


Competent Climber Certification

This certification verifies that climbers have demonstrated competence in various aspects of tower climbing, including equipment inspection, hazard assessment, and safe climbing practices.


Advanced Rigging Certification

Optional but highly recommended for climbers involved in complex rigging tasks, this certification covers advanced rigging techniques, load calculations, and equipment selection for safely hoisting and securing loads on towers.